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How familiar with R do I need to be?

We do not expect applicants to have more than cursory familiarity with R (e.g., perhaps you've downloaded it before). 

All labs in the workshop will be conducted using R. Therefore, we will provide admitted participants with materials to learn the essentials of R before the workshop. This training should take between 4-8 hours and can be completed over several weeks.

What statistical background do I need?

Most of meta-analysis can be understood as an extension of regression analysis. At a minimum, participants should have completed a regression course, though ideally other courses as well.

Do I need to have conducted a meta-analysis before?

No, participants do not need to have completed a meta-analysis before or currently be part of one, though we welcome applicants with experience.

The ideal applicant is one that plans to conduct a meta-analysis in the near future, either as project PI or as an analyst.

How much does this cost?

Attending the workshop is generously sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences and is free to participants. This includes airfare, hotel, and per diem. 

I can't be there the full week - is it possible for me to attend only part of the workshop?

The workshop is intended to be intensive. Therefore participation at all events is required. However, we will offer the workshop again in 2024 and 2025.

I am a graduate student - can I attend the workshop?

Participants need to have completed their doctorate by the time the workshop begins. Please note in your application if you have not yet completed your degree when your anticipated graduation date will be.

In a few circumstances, analysts and doctoral students focusing on research methodology and/or statistics will also be eligible to participate in the workshop. In addition to the application, students or analysts will need to include a letter of recommendation from their advisor speaking to their methods training and promise for future research.

I'm interested in mixed methods and qualitative narrative reviews. Will this be covered?

No. Our focus is on summarizing results from quantitative studies, but here are examples of 

qualitative meta-analyses.  Cochrane also has useful resources for qualitative meta-analysis methods. 

Where can I go to learn more about meta-analysis before attending the institute? 

The Campbell Collaboration has useful resources for anyone interested in learning about meta-analysis. Campbell has also developed the Meta-Evidence blog to keep up with trending topics in meta-analysis. 

What will I need to bring with me to the workshop?

Students will need to bring a laptop with them. R and RStudio will need to be downloaded (we will send directions upon acceptance).

What should I wear to the workshop?

Dress is casual, though the conference facilities can be chilly. We suggest wearing layers.

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