Meta-Analysis Learning Videos

The MMARI Instruction team is excited to announce the development of our Meta-Analysis Learning Information Center (MALIC). Due to high demand for meta-analysis skills and training, we have made the decision to create a centralized website where you can access resources that can be helpful in meeting your meta-analysis learning needs! A lot of the content that will be hosted on MALIC is material that was previously only accessible to attendees of our meta-analysis training workshops. You heard right! This learning platform will provide you with free access to cutting-edge resources that you can used to guide your meta-analysis learning journey. 

Stay tuned for updates on the learning platform, which we hope to launch in Fall 2021! If you want to receive updates via email, please click here to fill out the invitation form. 

Did you miss the MATI Instruction Team's webinar on Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis with AERA's Virtual Research Learning Series? You can access it here, but please note that you will be required to pay a fee to AERA to view the webinar. 


Additionally, you can view our free introductory videos that will guide you through the use of the statistical software, R, for conducting meta-analysis with the metafor package developed by the leading meta-analysis expert, Wolfgang Veichtbauer. We have also included videos that will discuss various stages of the systematic review and meta-analysis strategies that can be used to boost the quality of your research synthesis approach.